Webinar: Gearing Up for the Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution

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Gearing Up for the Electronic Vehicle (EV) Revolution

State of the Art Power Devices

The global drive towards green energy is accelerating. Ten years ago, electric vehicles (EVs) were a novelty making up less than 1% of the global automotive market. Today the largest global car manufacturer by market capitalisation is a company that solely manufactures electric vehicles. Every other major manufacturer now has EVs front and center of their roadmaps. Not only this but government intervention globally will outlaw the sale of non-electric vehicles to a large portion of the world’s population by the middle of this century.

Like all power electronics silicon is still the dominant material within the automotive power device market. However, this is changing quickly. Silicon carbide based automotive inverters are now in the marketplace with many more set to follow. Gallium nitride can also offer unique benefits in this arena. At TechInsights we have analysed the leading silicon carbide MOSFET technology. In this seminar we will discuss the major players, their technology choices and how they tie into the strict reliability standards required by the automotive industry.


Stephen Russell

Senior Process Analyst -Power Devices


As the subject matter expert for power devices, Stephen Russell keeps informed of developments across the entire industry. Curating content across the platform including seminars, briefings and recommending new products for reverse engineering analysis. To support a fair marketplace where semiconductor and electronics IP can be innovated and monetised.

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