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McGraw Hill Inclusive Access

Together, we can improve student success.

Increase student access and affordability of course materials with Inclusive Access.

What is Inclusive Access?

Inclusive Access is a course material affordability program, designed by institutions and guided by the Department of Education to deliver digital learning resources to students, at a significantly reduced cost, on or before the first day of class. It offers students maximum choice in selecting the learning resources that are right for them, at the lowest market price, including the choice to “opt out.”

Why are institutions choosing Inclusive Access?

Millions saved

Inclusive Access has saved college students using McGraw Hill products an estimated $500 million dollars since 2018. That’s $500 million in three short years!

Students choose what’s best for them

Students have the freedom to choose whatever purchase option they feel works best for them. And all our Inclusive Access agreements include an "opt-out" option as required by U.S. Department of Education (DOE) regulations.

Student success is bolstered by DOE guidelines

Research shows that students perform better when they have access to course materials on day one of class. In 2016, the U.S. Department of Education issued federal guidance for institutions of higher learning to ensure course materials were financial aid eligible, and could be included in tuition and fees. This provides students the opportunity to have the critical learning resources necessary to be successful. The Inclusive Access program, with its goal of getting course materials into the hands of all students on day one, arose out of that guidance.

See the impact of Inclusive Access in your state.

Place your cursor over a state in this interactive map to see the number of institutions using Inclusive Access in that state, and the dollars saved in a year. (4/1/2020 – 3/31/2021)

Does Inclusive Access work?

Click on the case studies below to learn more about how Inclusive Access is working at three higher education institutions.

Community College in Northeastern U.S. Key Findings:

  • Students in Inclusive Access (IA) classes attained a C or better at higher rates than non-IA students, regardless of racial or gender identity, age group, or course
  • Course materials prices were 25-59% less with IA, with students saving an average of $46.70 per course, or $209,000 in total
  • Students of all races were more successful in Inclusive Access classes, including a statistically significant 13 percentage point increase among students identifying as Black.
Read the Community College in Northeastern U.S. Case Study

Learn how to improve student outcomes with Inclusive Access.